What does it look like?

Smart technology, with peace of mind


Easy to use interface that integrates smoothly with products built for multiple standards


Quickly summarizes and codes multiple pages of text


Mines unstructured data and extracts accurate representations of complex medical literature

About Us

We’re a medical technology company on a mission to introduce a new wave of medical insight. We believe healthcare data should be accurate, accessible, and timely. Our breakthrough technology simplifies and expedites the process of summarizing and coding oncology patient data. We leverage an internally-developed Natural Language Processing (NLP) approach to extract accurate, relevant, and detailed knowledge from clinical text and present users with recommended answers supported by concise textual evidence.  It’s a process that medical professionals can trust and it can improve both the quality and efficiency of their workflows. The core of our platform is trained by expert physicians to mine and understand unstructured medical narrative. We provide a modern experience that employs true statistical learning, validation, and feedback. More processing with more insight means a higher quality healthcare system. That doesn’t just save time. It saves lives. NeuralFrame. The new standard in medicine.


Kevin Scanlan

Kevin Scanlan

Patrick McNeillie

Patrick McNeillie




NeuralFrame Joins Cancer Registry Associations

NeuralFrame was recently accepted as a sustaining member of NAACCR (North American Association of Central Cancer Registries).  NAACCR is collaborative umbrella organization for cancer registries, governmental agencies, professional associations, and private groups in North America Read more…